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Group visits Without a Museum Teacher

Requirements are as follows:

1. Report visit
Each group visit must be reported to Foam's educational department three weeks in advance. Using the text at the bottom of the page as a guide, email your details and visit requirements to education[at]
You will receive an email confirming the date and time supplied by you. If these are not available, an alternative option will be provided. You will also receive the house rules of Foam. All participants and supervisors should be informed of these rules in advance of the visit.

NB. A group visit without a museum teacher is not always possible. Programmes under the supervision of Foam take precedence.

2. Change or cancellation by Foam
Foam has the right to change or cancel the visit up to two weeks in advance of the planned date.

3. Change or cancellation by organising party
Cancellation or changes in the number of participants need to be reported as soon as possible by email to education[at]

4. Cost
- School groups: €5,50 per pupil/student (for a group of 15 pupils/students minimum)
- Individuals: €8,- per person (for a group of 15 persons minimum)
- Companies: available on request

5. Payment
You will need to pay for the entire group in advance at the Foam check out.
NB. The 'Museumjaarkaart' (museum card) and other reduced entry fee cards are not valid in conjunction with the reduced fee for groups.

6. Supervision (for school groups)
Schools need to supply one supervisor per fifteen pupils as an absolute minimum. This supervisor will stay with the group at all times and is responsible for the behaviour of the participants during the entire visit. We are obliged to claim for any damage to the works or the building with the organising party.

7. Visit with an external guide
It is possible to visit the museum with an external guide after consultation with Foam.

Enjoy your visit!

Group visits without a museum teacher - Application Guideline

I would like to take a group of visitors to Foam without supervision of a museum teacher.
My visit is planned on (date) and (time). My group contains (number) people.

I would like to pay for the group visit by (please select):
Invoice (details):
Cultuurkaart (details):
Voucherbank (details):
PIN or in cash at the start of the group visit.

I am/am not interested in receiving Foam's newsletter.

I know of Foam via the website/newsletter/previous experiences/other (please specify)

Yours faithfully

Mobile number (applicant)
Mobile number (supervisor)
Email (applicant)