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Le portrait officiel de François Hollande, 24e président de la République, a été réalisé par Raymond Depardon, mardi 29 mai, dans les jardins de l'Elysée © Le documentation française / Magnum photos

Trends in Portraiture

January 17, 2013  by Robert Philip

After judging the Zilveren awards, Rob Philip identifies some clear trends in contemporary portrait photography.

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Marilyn Monroe © Sir Cecil Beaton / Courtesy Cecil Beaton Studio Archive Sotheby's London

From The Archive - Cecil Beaton

January 11, 2013  by Crawford, Jonathan

It's Oscars season once again!

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The Kate Show © Terry Richardson

From The Archive - The Kate Show

December 07, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

This week much of the press (the British press, at least) has been about a certain 'Kate', her recently announced pregnancy and morning sickness.

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Palmyra Street New Orleans © Diederik Meijer

From The Archive - Diederik Meijer

November 02, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

The arrival of storm Sandy on the east coast of the US this week made me wonder how this kind of natural disaster has been portrayed by photographers in the past.

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Sunset, Ireland 2012 © Joss McKinley

Musings on the work of Joss McKinley

October 10, 2012  by Knoppers, Kim

Kim Knoppers takes some time out to consider the work of Joss McKinley and his exhibition Gathering Wool.

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