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BJ2, from the series Cruising © Chad States

Cruising by Chad States

August 30, 2012  by Bohr, Marco

Chad States's recently published book Cruising is a collection of photographs that depict gay men looking for a sexual encounter with other men.

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Unseen Teaser

August 29, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

Unseen is a new international photography fair focused on undiscovered photography talent and unseen work by established photographers.

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On Display © Alberto Ferretto

On Display

August 28, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

It's a peculiarly English thing, it seems, to hang plates up on a wall.

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iPad photographers © Karin Bareman

The Rise of iPad Photography

August 27, 2012  by Bareman, Karin

Karin Bareman looks at how the latest developments in tablet technology might fit into the history of photography.

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Mountain IV © Clifford Ross

Some Limits of Representation

August 23, 2012  by Engman, Chris

It is a compelling paradox, when effectively exploited, that while photographs can seem to capture reality, they do not.

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