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Silent Storm, from the series Waves from the Web, 2009 © Anne de Vries

The Medium Formerly Known as Photography

January 21, 2011  by Ptak, Laurel

In the early 1990s, pop star Prince decided to abandon his name as an inventive form of protest...

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From the series Afterlife, 2009 © Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, courtesy Goodman Gallery, Cape Town and Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris

Photojournalism's Future

January 19, 2011  by Campbell, David

Photojournalism and documentary photography have had their death proclaimed so often that many are surprised there are still signs of life.

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Alt Wien 1908, © Gert Jan Kocken

Mental Images

January 10, 2011  by Kocken, Gert Jan

During the past several decades, contemporary artists have asked critical questions about the way in which history is constructed through images...

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familie samen, from series _and Willem © Willem Popelier

Photographic Facts as Memory

January 05, 2011  by Colberg, Jörg

Of all the media at our disposal, photography is the one we tend to rely on the most when remembering our own histories.

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  • Laurel Ptak
  • Installation shot "Past in the Present" at Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam © Gert Jan Kocken
  • Jörg Colberg
  • David Campbell
  • Özge Ersoy
  • Zach Wise
  • Cobra TV
  • Karin Bareman © Adi Talwar
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