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Craigie Horsfield © Cobra TV

Craigie Horsfield

April 13, 2011  by Cobra TV

Craigie Horsfield talks about how he has used photography in creating a series of tapestries.

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Zach Wise

Zach Wise on Photojournalism

April 09, 2011  by Wise, Zach

Zach Wise, multimedia producer at the NY Times, gives his views on developments in photojournalism in an interview at Foam.

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Iraqi Short Films (film still) ©Mauro Andrizzi 2008

Tom Keenan Interview

April 04, 2011  by Ersoy, Özge

The following is an extract from an interview which appears on the website, 'Art Territories'.

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  • Installation shot "Past in the Present" at Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam © Gert Jan Kocken
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