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Studio of Bertien van Manen © Foam

Bertien van Manen Interview - Part 01

February 29, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

Bertien van Manen speaks to Foam about her work and forthcoming exhibition, Let's Sit Down Before We Go.

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Otto Snoek © Foam Magazine

Classic Shot - Otto Snoek

February 27, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

Forbes magazine has brought out its 'Cost of Living Extremely Well Index'. It's no doubt a document that would offend and delight in equal measure.

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De Volkskrant © Foam

Snow in the News

February 23, 2012  by Knoppers, Kim

I am not a daily reader of Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant but every now and then I enjoy reading it.

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Talent Tips - 02

February 22, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

It's time for another talent tip from a previous winner of the Foam Talent Call, Theo Volpatti.

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Collecting Photography

February 21, 2012  by Bareman, Karin

Any photography collection is in and of itself a strange beast. Collecting photos is a tantalising enterprise, a hopeless endeavour.

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